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Just Raisin' A Little Hell, Ain't Nobody Goin' To Jail

Oooh, all the stories we could tell …

15 November 1980
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Well, I'm a TV addicted chef...I'll have to think about what else I want to say

24, 30 rock, afterlife, andromeda, angel, annie/auggie, ashley/henry, battlestar galactica, beckett/castle, blind justice, bones, booth/bones, brimstone, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, caprica, carson/teyla, castle, chuck, cold case, combat!, cooking, covert affairs, criminal minds, crossing jordan, csi, csi: miami, csi: ny, dark angel, dead zone, dexter, dollhouse, drop dead diva, due south, early edition, earth 2, eliot/parker, eureka, farscape, firefly, forever knight, generation kill, ghost whisperer, glee, grey's anatomy, harry potter, haven, hawthorne, hercules, heroes, homicide: lots, horatio hornblower, house m.d., human target, in plain sight, jack/chloe, jack/erica, jack/ianto, jack/jo, jane/lisbon, jericho, joe/janet, john/elizabeth, judging amy, keen eddie, la femme nikita, law and order: ci, law and order: svu, law and order: uk, lee/laura, leverage, life, life on mars, lost world, matt/alesha, medical investigation, medium, men in trees, mental, mi-5, monk, moonlight, morgan/garcia, ncis, ncis: los angeles, numb3rs, once a thief, persons unknown, pete/myka, primeval, profiler, psych, reid/prentiss, rescue me, robin hood bbc, royal pains, ryan/esposito, sanctuary, second sight, skiing, smallville, southland, space: above and beyond, star trek 2009, star trek: enterprise, star trek: voyager, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate universe, startrek: deep space nine, supernatural, the 4400, the big bang theory, the guardian, the losers, the magnificent seven, the mentalist, the middleman, the murdoch mysteries, the pretender, the sentinel, the unusuals, the vicar of dibley, the west wing, third watch, thoughtcrimes, threshold, tin man, tom/diana, torchwood, touched by an angel, trauma, trip/t'pol, tru calling, ugly betty, v, veronica mars, veronica/lamb, wallander, warehouse 13, white collar, wire in the blood, writing, x-files, x-men