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Fic Master Post Sticky post

Fic Master Post

Well, after spending some time trying to sort through my fics, I decided it was time to attempt to make a master post. Hope this works.

Undercover, No Longer Under Wraps ( Rated M)
A Contagin of Sickness
Friendship is Thicker than Blood
A Fight They Couldn‘t Win (Humor)
Happy X-Mas, The Was is Over (Holiday)
A Truer Knight (Rated M)
Real Health is the Will to Overcome
First Impressions
After the EMP
Season 6...With a Twist (WIP)
There‘s No Shame in Having a Bit of Help (WIP, X-over with V (2009))
We Part Only to Meet Again (WIP) Rated M
Multi Fandom Zombie Land

The 4400
When You Say Nothing At All

The Avengers
Worth Fighting For
Perhaps a Reward, Perhaps Punishmant X-over with X-Men First Class
Freaky Friday
Insanity or Super Sanity Sequel to PARPP
The Bro Code – Amended for Superheroes
Rules of the Workplace
One's friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human.
You're Never Too Old to Become Younger
Battle is an orgy of disorder...but what of the aftermath?
Avengers Head Canons

Battlestar Galactica
Pythian Apollo

Blind Justice
A Partner Thing

Body of Proof
Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action WIP
Rough Hands, Soft Lips

Toys Don‘t Need to Make Sense

Breakout Kings
Things are what they are and will be what they will be
You Are The Best Thing
Beautiful Mind
My Funny Valentine
Dea Certe

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Angel
Christmas Party, Wolfram and Hart Style
We Improvised (Multi X-over)

Bunch of drabbles

Thanksgiving at the 12th
This is So Wrong (WIP) Gender!Swap (the Girl!Ryan verse)
Chaos Unleashed (X-over with White Collar)
Closet Geek
A Very Bad Day Part of the Girl!Ryan verse
Ink Rated M
All Family is Insane
Piano Man
Whoever said three's a crowd was a close minded idiot Rated M
A Tavern is a Place Where Madness is Sold by the Bottle
Lips of an Angel
Everyone is slightly abnormal x-over with Sanctuary
Raised on Black and Tans
Adapting to the Wrong (the Girl!Ryan verse)
The Only Thing That's Real
Multi Fandom Zombie Land
The Epic Welcome Back to Bachelor-hood Party

Criminal Minds
Alaska (WIP)
Christmas in Vegas

Dead Zone
Just Your Typical American Family

Naughty or Nice
Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey
One of Those Days
Intruder (WIP…on hiatus)
Playing a Bad hand Well WIP
The Mask

Due South
Nutcracker Prince

Robo Elves are Never a Good Idea
This New World Sucks
S.A.R.A.H. has the holiday spirit!
Healed with A Kiss
Only in Eureka
Your Man
The Elephant in the Room
The Alpha Male Thing
Multi Fandom Zombie Land
My Best Friend

Ghost Whisperer
I Was Made For You

Holiday Concert
16 to 6, How Did That Happen? (WIP)
Hotter in Another Language (Rated M…and part of it’s in Spanish)
Not Your Average Lima Losers (x-over with The Losers)
Lost in Lima (x-over with The Losers) WIP
I Choose You
Some Things Call For Brain Bleach
Tutu's Aren't For Everyone
Santana's Freakin' Scary
The Real Story
Kindle The Lights
Boozapalooza at the Zoo
Puppy Love
Underneath My Clothes
The Better Man
New Year‘s Kiss
Pretty Feet!
The Prom
Matchmaking Ninjas
The Visit
I Got The Guns For That
Clearly, word of my badassness has not reached the rock you live under
Mortar Boards Are Useful
Stop. Rewind. Re-write.
Free Again
The Extraordinary Girl
Not a possession

Harry Potter
Christmas Surprise
My Choice

Small Town Gossip

Hawaii Five-0
The Inter-Agency Convention From Hell WIP Multi-fandom crossover
Dude Don't Look Like A Lady
Shut Up!
Aloha Aloe
Mele Kalikimaka, Baby

Law & Order: CI
Santa Did It!

Law & Order: SVU
Zebras, the Aftermath (WIP)

Law & Order: UK
Holiday + Family = Chaos
Rage, rage against the dying of the light

The Relocation Job (First story in the Maine ‘verse)
Oh Mothers Tell Your Children Not to Do What I Have Done
A Baby Changes Everything
The New York…Well, Not Really a Job (Second story in the Maine ‘verse) (Some parts are adult)
Modern Day Robin Hoods (X-over with Psych and Monk)
It Could Have Been A Lot Worse
We Improvised (X-over with Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, V, Homicide: LOTS, Alias, X-Files)
Excellence as Reality Part 1 (X-over with the Losers)
In Sickness and In Health
Every saint has a past, every sinner a future
We Weren't Born to Follow

Near to You
Partners in a Pear Tree
I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes
Sharp Dressed Man

Life on Mars
A Different Sort of Guy

The Losers
Excellence as Reality Part 1 (x-over with Leverage) WIP
Not Your Average Lima Losers (x-over with Glee)
Lost in Lima (x-over with The Glee) WIP
Maltida Toalla Rated M
What The Hell Happened Last Night?
The Happiest Fucking Place on Earth
A Wedding -- Losers Style
Inmates Running the Asylum
Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)
Those You‘d Least Expect
Sugar High
Multi Fandom Zombie Land

The Mentalist
Red Ribbons, Green Ribbons and More
Haze of Blood
I Don't Share
By the Fire
Smile, then Break
I’d Love to Be Your Last
Kiss it Better
Red Faced
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal

The Middleman
Santa‘s a What?!

Modern Day Robin Hoods (X-over with Psych and Leverage)

The Murdoch Mysteries
Evil Plant

Jingle Bowl

NCIS: Los Angeles
Plan B Could End in Blood
Dog Days Are Over
Are You Gonna Be My Girl

The 19th

Persons Unknown
Daddy's Little Girl
Blessing and a Curse
Comfort in the Night
Every man is surrounded by a neighborhood of voluntary spies...or not.

Once Upon A Time
Desire awakens only those things that are thought possible
Scent of Seduction
Insanity is Often the Logic of an Accurate Mind Overtaxed
Footprints on Our Hearts
More possibilities available in each moment than we realize

Modern Day Robin Hoods (X-over with Monk and Leverage)
A Shot Rang Out

The Return…After a Fashion (WIP…on hiatus
Office Party

What Makes A Family?
Eat, Drink and Be Scary
Untamed WIP Rated M
Mission -- McDonalds
French Toast
Abnormal Human Nature
Santa Baby
Snowbound - Day 1
Cleaning up and coming clean
Everyone is slightly abnormal x-over with Castle
Sweet Spot
More differences within the sexes than between them
It was the vampire bit that set Myka and Steve twitching while really peeking Pete and Claudia’s interest.

Stargate Atlantis
The Worst Day Since Yesterday
And You Thought Tofurkey Was Bad
Artistic Skills Run in the Family (WIP, X-over with White Collar and SG-1)
Siege's End Discontinued

Stargate SG-1
Beware Greeks…Especially Ones Bearing Gifts
Santa Gaould
Artistic Skills Run in the Family (WIP, X-over with SGA and White Collar)
Daniel‘s New Clothes (WIP)

Stargate Universe
A Friend is One Who Walks In When Others Walk Out
None of Us is as Smart as All of Us (Sequel to A Friend is one who walks in when others walk out)
What if?
21 Guns

Star Trek 2009
The Dangers of Starfleet‘s Annual Parents Weekend (Rated M)
The Journey Home and Beyond
The Five Year Mission (Sequel to The Journey Home and Beyond) (WIP)
Mistletoe (In the same ‘verse as The Journey Home and Beyond and The Five Year Mission)
The Fine Line
Peace in Solitude

Star Trek Enterprise
Maybe Mistletoe isn‘t Evil After All

We Improvised (Multi X-over)
Multi Fandom Zombie Land

Infectees Don‘t Take Holidays Off

Tin Man
Obviously Santa‘s a Wizard

Decorating Isn‘t For Everyone

The Unusuals
A Very WASPy Holiday

V 2009
Holiday Laughter
It Has Begun (Discontinued when the winter hiatus ended) (Some chapters are a bit adult, lol)
The Quickest Way of Ending a War is to Lose It
The Path of Least Resistance (Sequel to The Quickest Way of Ending a War is to Lose it)
Love Forbids You Not to Love (Rated M)
I Generally Avoid Temptation…
Broken and Battered But Still Strong (WIP)
There‘s No Shame in Having a Bit of Help (WIP, X-over with 24)
We Improvised (Multi X-over)
Bless Me Father
The Future
From Another Point of View
That‘s Not Holly Up There!
Baby, it‘s cold outside
A Different Path
Keep the Wolf of insignificance from the door WIP
Stories of Crime and Passion, Punishment and Regret
Infinitely precious things WIP
A Plausible Excuse
Intellect may be confused, but emotions never lie WIP
A Cruel Thing Is War
Determination is the wake-up call to the human will
Scenes from the Basement WIP
Each Betrayal Begins With Trust WIP
Brass Bed
Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance and you find out you still care for that person WIP
Not Exactly Sleeping Beauty
Stars and Angels Gave the Sign

Veronica Mars
Sheriff Clause

The Walking Dead
Darkest Night
The future is not a gift, it’s an achievement
Multi Fandom Zombie Land
If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul
Even the damned have to eat
Desire is a Hunger

Warehouse 13
Mission - Groceries
An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it
Glitter Bomb
Artifacts and Abnormals
Vegas Baby!
Heat Wave

White Collar
Tree Trimming Can Be Fun
Artistic Skills Run in the Family (WIP, X-over with SG-1 and SGA)
Chaos Unleashed (X-over with Castle)
Chaos is the score upon which reality is written

Wire in the Blood
Deck the Halls

X-Men on Facebook
The Hangover, Mutant Style
Blush of Youth
Mutant Matchmakers
Perhaps a Reward, Perhaps Punishmant X-over with The Avengers
There's Something Wrong With That Boy
Capture the Flag

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